C19 CHAIR.ity

Celebration of life with the unique chair  

Difficult times inspire and pose challenges that encourage new solutions.

The C19 CHAIR.ity chair is a creative response to the new corona virus pandemic. Its shape is a mapping of the crown (Latin for corone), a layer of plasma around the Sun that represents the energies of the universe. The crown emits light and temperature, two essential conditions for life on Earth. And although the virus is named after this inexhaustible energy, the solar corona is nevertheless a symbol of the interdependence and interconnectedness of humanity in a coordinated fight against disease and action for a better tomorrow.

The C19 CHAIR.ity chair allows you to rest and recharge with positive energy. Combining a larger number of chairs gives a new shape and additional possibilities for furnishing and enlivening the interior.

C19 CHAIR.ity chairs are made of high quality antibacterial materials. According to the principles of innovation, uniqueness and handicraft tradition, we make them in Slovenia, in the KLUN craft workshop with more than 40 years of tradition.

The durability of the product is reflected in the humane design, quality material, precise workmanship, long-lasting and versatile usability, easy maintenance. And charity as a noble form of social responsibility. KLUN AMBIENTI will use part of the proceeds from each chair sold to help educate talented young designers and architects. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The C19 can be ordered in these colors 

C19 Coffee

C19 Garden

C19 Blue

C19 Orchid

C19 Green

C19 Red

Vse prikazane fotografije so dejanske ambientalne slike pohištva KLUN.