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A youth-designed modular sofa set with playful shapes for any arrangement in the room...a poljubno postavitev v prostoru…

Ergonomics and materials:  
metal substructure with metal frames
Seat:sedišče iz masivne panelne plošče z dvojnim vijačnim vzmetenjem, kokosom in kombinacijo visokokvalitetnih puhinov ter vatalinov
metal box profiles 5 cm high, painted according to the RAL scale or according to the customer's wishes
in fabric or leather of your choice
Klun-ambienti/ Robert Klun architect

KLUN design furniture made in Slovenia, which is famous for its high quality and family tradition of production, since 1980. It's even closer to you now. It's even closer to you now. 

Monthly repayment in small amounts to turn your apartment into a HOME.
It is possible to pay in installments via Leanpay up to 84 installments.

All photos shown are actual ambient pictures of the furniture KLUN.

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