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An elegant "minimal" sofa that offers many creative configuration options with just a few basic elements, very suitable for free placement in the room...
A special feature is the division into "bubbles" on one element, which are then modularly assembled into larger compositions.

Ergonomics and materials:

Construction: Wooden substructure in a combination of solid wood and panels (the upper panel is perforated for breathability). 
Seat: A combination of high-quality HR down and wadding with the identity of "independent pillows"
Upholstery: Standard design in Nairobi fabric (CR_A) or aquaclean fabric Duffy (CR_B). Option in the execution of a wide selection of other fabrics, micro fabrics or leather of the client's choice by agreement
Design: Klun-ambienti/ Robert Klun, architect

KLUN design furniture made in Slovenia, which is famous for its high quality and family tradition of production, since 1980. It's even closer to you now. 
It's even closer to you now. 

Monthly repayment in small amounts to turn your apartment into a HOME.
It is possible to pay in installments via Leanpay up to 84 installments.

All photos shown are actual ambient pictures of the furniture KLUN.

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