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  • High quality materials and easy design. The timelessness of minimalism.

  • Your spine will thank you

    Sit back, lean back and feel good. The Giroflex 313 chair is as flexible as its different users.

  • Top quality garden sofa set

    Production time: approx. 30 days

  • Assemble your own sofa

    A light and creative seating program that enables numerous color and layout combinations.
    It is more affordable and allows you to test your inner architect.

  • Excellent ergonomic seating comfort combined with clean design.

    The swivel chair Giroflex 434 impresses with its excellent sitting comfort and clear style. 

  • The designer piece Babaloo enchants with its unique shape and versatility.
    By rotating the movable backrest, the two-seater changes into an extra bed.

  • CHIR.ity chair

    The C19 CHAIR.ity chair is a creative response to the new corona virus pandemic. 

  • When character counts!

    Giroflex 68. This office chair embodies rationality and technical perfection in connection with the need for one's own, personal sphere. 

  • Relaxation of light shapes for home, garden, wellness, SPA, salon ...

  • A comfortable recliner with an attractive appearance that adapts to the user by rotating ...

  • HUSH!

    The Silent collection of upholstered furniture allows us to retreat from the noisy environment. 

  • Innovative concept of office relaxation chair.

    Giroflex 10 brings new healthy sitting dynamics.

KLUN design furniture made in Slovenia, which is famous for its high quality and family tradition of production, since 1980. It's even closer to you now. 
It's even closer to you now. 

Monthly repayment in small amounts to turn your apartment into a HOME.
It is possible to pay in installments via Leanpay up to 84 installments.