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A unique piece for a relaxed atmosphere

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to bring the right atmosphere to a space.
TABURES for comfort in the bedroom… ARMCHAIR for the dressing room or hallway… or terrace, where we will admire the stars on a summer night.
A single piece of furniture can completely change the image of the room.

KPC Princess
K45 Four
K37 Podkev
KPC Ariel
KPC Sixty
K46 Point
KPC Danae
KPC Queen
K32 Notta
K43 You
K77 Linearr
K35 Jap
K52 Pippy
K48 Mario

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with your wish and the armchair model you are interested in, which you would like to have at home...

KLUN design furniture made in Slovenia, which is famous for its high quality and family tradition of production, since 1980. It's even closer to you now. It's even closer to you now. 

Monthly repayment in small amounts to turn your apartment into a HOME.
It is possible to pay in installments via Leanpay up to 84 installments.