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The story of a family business

The family business, founded in 1980, with the entry into the new millennium has become a prestigious, integrated brand that does not just want to be a local wallpaper workshop, but - by attracting new professional colleagues and young energy, new knowledge - also a brand of architectural design, creative way of thinking and quality of life.

Architect Robert Klun, director of the company KLUN AMBIENTI, thus successfully upgraded, deepened and expanded a solidly conceived and traditionally refined family business, which creates its own poetics of space and ambience.

We strive to cover all essential segments of the culture of the space: interior design, building architecture and urbanism, so we not only furnish living spaces, but create environments in a holistic sense and thereby co-shape the culture of living.

Sincerely welcome to our environment! "KLUN AMBIENTI" collective

What makes us different?

  • A subtle FEELING for the customer
  • FLEXIBILITY (by dimension, price, color, materials, environment...)

When you need an architect from our KLUN studio, we will take care of your investment! You will GET THE MOST for your money with us! Know that the project of the house, your HOME, new offices,... is done individually, it is a long-term and professional process. We are experienced, so we know how to listen to options, requirements, quality and connect the best experts so that you are satisfied.