We spend a large part of our active working time at work, so it is important that we feel good there and follow the guidelines for health and proper organization of the work environment. 

In 2000, we expanded the program of our own offer and in the field of "upholstered elements"
we received the official representation of the Swiss Albert Stoll Giroflex AG , which has been
producing the highest quality, ergonomic office chairs for 130 years. Our offer also includes conference chairs and tables from Dietiker AG and ergonomic accessories from manufacturers such as Bakker Elkhuizen .

For open office space systems, we've developed a Silent line of office furniture that provides some privacy. Upholstered furniture reduces noise, and some elements also allow for visual deviation.

We help you arrange rooms such as waiting rooms, receptions, conference rooms. You can find some of the most popular items under Common Solutions.

We will be happy if we can help you equip your business premises. 

Giroflex office chairs

Giroflex conference chairs

Silent line office furniture

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