Animal-shaped pillow with Slovenian identity

Klun Memories

Animal-shaped pillow with Slovenian identity Slovenian KLUN animal symbols are chosen based on the strong identities of the country and cities. A special feature is the collaboration with children, who strongly influenced the selection of the first models. The desire is to promote Slovenian identity. KLUN cushions are made from sustainable materials.

Soča Trout
Approximate dimensions 64 x 32 cm
Approximate dimensions 51 x 41 cm
Human fish
Approximate dimensions 69 x 25 cm
Ljubljana Dragon
Approximate dimensions 54 x 46 cm

The river Soča Trout is one of the most famous indigenous fish species in Slovenia. It’s valued for it’s beauty and the challenges it presents to fishermen. It has a silvery body with distinctive dark spots on its back and flanks, which fade to red or orange. The Soča trout is adapted to life in fast mountain streams and rivers with cold and oxigen-rich water.

The Lipizzaner Horse is one of the oldest and most famous horse breeds originating from Slovenia. The breed is closely associated with Lipica, where these exceptional horses have been bred for more than 400 years. Their white color symbolizes elegance, purity, power and nobility.

The Human Fish, scientifically known as Proteus anguinus, is one of the most interesting and unusual animal species from Slovenia. Postojna Cave is the best-known place of the human fish. It is pigmentless, so it’s skin is white and translucent, allowing its internal organs to be seen. Human fish is an endangered species.

The Ljubljana Dragon has been part of the coat of arms of the city of Ljubljana and its protector since the Baroque period. Four dragons guard one of the most famous bridges in Ljubljana. It has a fabulous origin from the legend of Jason and the Argonauts. It represents strength, courage and greatness.