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A varied program of unique upholstered furniture

Sofas, sofas, divans, armchairs, beds are not only living witnesses of current stories, but also of the distant past, they are not only objects of our or your intimate history, but bearers of the cultural and aesthetic influences of great stylistic periods: Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism and Modern ages.
In the KLUN AMBIENTI studio, when designing upholstered elements, we follow both intimate stories and central stylistic guidelines in design, which we upgrade with our innovative solutions.

Vrtna sedežna garnitura C21 Rain
Sedežna garnitura K01 KODDA​
K01 Kodda
Sedežna garnitura K11 CAMELEON​
K11 Cameleon
Sedežna garnitura K05 TOMAC
K05 Tomac
Sedežna garnitura K15 INCH​
K15 Inch
K13 Monart
Sedežna garnitura K07 YOUNG
K07 Young
Sedežna garnitura K14 DAMMA​
K14 Damma
K30 Cloud
K02 Expo
K23 Arrago
K22 Papillon
K08 Puzzle

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